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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

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JoeSimmons Script's Author

I put in the orkut|scrap|travian condition but I don't want to do the install thing.
It's not really that random if I do that, you know?

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

Here's another condition that I added to mine for it to randomize again:

parseInt(responseDetails.responseText.match(/Installed (\d+) times/)[1])<1000

Basically, if it was installed under 1,000 times, you won't view it.

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

Hey one more suggestion, I've been running into a lot of these orkut "scrap" scripts (see example here). I've added a block against them so it re-randomizes for these... you should add it too. It's incredibly annoying bumping into scrap crap.

this line does the trick:

if(responseDetails.status == 404 || /scrap all/i.test(responseDetails.responseText))

or a more generous version:

if(responseDetails.status == 404 || /(orkut|scrap|travian)/i.test(responseDetails.responseText))

JoeSimmons Script's Author

Ok added. Thanks and please remove the long pre tag.

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

Hey joe, just one suggestion, to have keyboard shortcut to this. I mapped it to alt+shift+x, and left a tooltip

Edit: code removed

dkhal Scriptwright

definitely a *****

krisu Scriptwright

Really cool! I like it.

simon! Scriptwright


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