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By stojshic Last update Oct 7, 2010 — Installed 27,175 times.

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stojshic Script's Author

After adding google.tld repces .com,, .au... It works fine here... I don't know why it doesn't work for you...

mcgoxel User

beta 7 worked for me after added this pages to my includes :**

stojshic Script's Author

OK Steffan, that's fixed now... Thanks for your report...

Steffan User

This is awesome skin! But fix ( and google logo to black and it will be perfect :)

E: And i found another tiny thing in when you switch pages "Gooooooooooogle" first letter is white backgrounded. But np if u not conna fix it cos it is really so tiny thing.

stojshic Script's Author

@mcgoxel - Ok, now it should work fine. Sorry for that... And thanks for reporting prob...

mcgoxel User

problem stil continue.
i looked google logo's source . it is :

div align="left" title="Google" style="background: transparent url(/intl/en_com/images/logo_plain.png) no-repeat scroll 0%; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; height: 110px; width: 276px;"

you must chance this image : "intl/en_com/images/logo_plain.png" instead of yours.

stojshic Script's Author

@warfox - I'm glad u like it....
@mcgoxel - Now it should work OK. If you still have some problems, please tell me about it.
@Uldor - Now it works with Google Australia, hope u like it

WarFox User

cool one... :)

but the black logo is not working in :(

please try to change that in all countries

mcgoxel User

im using " "
and can u remove logo on footer or change it. logo like : Gooooooooogle :D

stojshic Script's Author

@mcgoxel What google do you use?? I must know that so I can fix it. I'm out of time now, but I'll fix script as soon as I have some free time... Thanks

mcgoxel User

i can see white logo not black :(
how can i fix it ?

stojshic Script's Author

@Uldor: OK. In next few days, I'll fix the bug with Google Australia. That should be easy. And about links, I want to make links customizable, I just don't have time... It's in my To-Do list...

Uldor User

Good script. I would use this script on a regular basis if:

1. It provided support for all languages of Google. I use Google Australia so it doesn't work. If it did, i would definitely use it.

2. There was an option to modify the links (GMAIL, Calender, Blogger, ...etc) and put your own (no need for the fancy images above the links, even though it does make it look good). Dont know if this is possible with Greasemonkey, but maybe a firefox extension could be created. Maybe something already exists to do this, but i dont know one that doesn't clutter half the page (like iGoogle does).

stojshic Script's Author

@ldglance Ok, I think it's fixed now. I should put /firefox* instead /firefox/*. I don't use that page, so I didn't realized the bug...

ldglance User

noticed again that you added*

insted of

when in firefox and you just click on the search in top right it goes straight to with out anything after it or anything else. this makes the exemption just get skipped over. so to fix that just take out the /* and it should work fine.

when you type in the google search in firefox that is built in. it just does a normal search and everything is fine.

M0rph3u5 User

great i was tire to see google white background XD

stojshic Script's Author

@Idglance Thanks for reporting bug. For now, I'll put it as excluded pages, and I'll see what I can do. I'll probably fix this for the next version of the skin...

ldglance User

just noticed that the
page makes it looked messed up. i did not know if you knew it or not.

ldglance User

looks great thanks

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