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By stojshic Last update Oct 7, 2010 — Installed 27,162 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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aar0on User

Looks great! It's rare that someone changes the colors of a site/page and gets it right.

Charnita Fance User

I really love this skin - very refreshing! Thank you! =)

stojshic Script's Author

@mobiela - an error? well, it's not about my script, it can't give you any errors. What version of greasemonkey you have installed? Install newest version and then try again, maybe it'll help. Anyway, my script should install just fine... You are using FF with GM installed, right?

mobiela User

I don't getting it installed it gives me an error..

carlosmg2 User

ok, i will. Thnx 4 fast response ;)

NoXion User

carlosmg2: Instead of using the url you listed, try removing the "/firefox" at the end. Like this:


carlosmg2 User

i hope u fix this:

stojshic Script's Author

@James Haight - Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I also use "Redesigned" to change the look of gmail and gcal :)

@NoXion - I'm glad you like it...

NoXion User

Wow now it looks perfect! Thanks stojshic :D

James Haight User

Wow, I love this. Now the google home page matches all my other google services (for which I use "Redesigned")

stojshic Script's Author

Again problem with the main logo... I'll not release new version of the script just for that, because I guess they will put old logo back in few days, so just be patient... Thanks

stojshic Script's Author

@designer - The logo I'm using does not have any background color, it's transparent, and it's the best I saw, and I really like it, but feel free to send me your version at stojshic (at) gmail (dot) com. If I like it, i will include it in my next release of the script.

@Wapniak - Ok, now that's fixed. The color of the visited link is gray now, hope you like it, and thanks for reporting that bug...

@Felix Dumbo - The color of that links now matches color of everything else, thanks for reporting....

@French31 - Updated, now it should work well

@NoXion - Thanks for reporting. No, it's not supposed to look like your pic, that was the bug in script, because Google changed some code, and I didn't update the script till now. Now that's fixed, and it looks much better than your screenshot :)

stojshic Script's Author

OK guys, sorry for waiting. I'll try to fix "all" off the problems today, and release new version as soon as I finish it. I'm glad you all like it, and I'll try to make it even better. Bye...

NoXion User

This is a great skin! The google homepage is VERY nice. One question though. When I do a search with google, is it supposed to look like this?:

If so, the only complaint I guess I have would be the search result pages. The light blue highlight for webs, blogs, etc. and the actual Google logo would be great if it looked the same as the homepage one, if that's possible!

Keep up the good work and thanks again!!!

Also if this won't be updated/fixed for a while, could you tell me how to remove the theme from skinning the seearch and igoogle pages?

French31 Scriptwright

I love this skin. Great job. :)

Could you please upgrade it so it fits with the latest google's styles (the logos principally)? Thanks in advance.

Wapniak User

hmm otherwise may explain
I search in google,
show me a list of sites. I click ling number 4, i close tab google. I re-open google and search the same.
And I have no way of knowing, I have entered to which link .

// I use translator sorry for that ;/

Felix Dumbo User

Hey, this is just a slight problem, but the color of the "Images, Maps, News, etc." links on the top left of the page is in a dark blue color while all the other links are in the nice blue color like in your image. Is there a way to fix that?

designer User

hey Bloody_Angel, i have a logo for you to use in ur google script, HOW DO I SEND IT TO YOU?

Wapniak User

I click link... Why is not change color?
Now, I do not know what links clicks.
Is there any way to change this?

designer User

i've designed a google logo that matches the original pretty closely w/o any background color. i think it'll work better than the one ur using, but i need to know how to upload the png file.

stojshic Script's Author

@WarFox - Thanks for reporting that. I'll try to fix that problem...

@Xx-Makoto-xX - Just install it in greasemonkey and it will work... You don't have to activate anything...

@Joe Simmons - I'll see what I can do... Thanks for report...

WarFox User

This is cool script and i am using it.
But the Black logo and sometimes black background is not working for some country's Google search.

Below are working correctly.
and many more...................

Thanks for adding

I tried some more countries and found these are not working correctly.

Please try to fix the problems. You have done a good job.
Wish you success. :)

Xx-Makoto-xX User

How do i activate the skin?

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Nice job but it's just missing the Google logo on searches with auto-complete which I really like so if you could update it... thx :)