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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

ahoier User

FYI, It was a simple fix :) Just added* to the excluded pages area, now the Send to Gmail feature works fine.

ahoier User

I found that this script fubar's the Google Toolbar's "Send to Gmail" feature in Firefox.

Any way of working around this?

With this script enabled (all others DISABLED too) - when I use the Send to Gmail button on the firefox toolbar, it pops up a blank compose window.

I dont know if this is of any significance, but about:config mentions this address....I dont know if this will help or not though...

Diaa M. Sami Scriptwright

sorry, not .com

Diaa M. Sami Scriptwright

I hope you can add to the list, I tried a couple of URLs and they worked.

Diaa M. Sami Scriptwright

Very nice idea, thanks for such a useful script, security is becoming more and more important.

nascent Scriptwright

I've been happy with this script for over a year now. Thank you.

Danny Aponte User

Rather than install the individual scripts for Yahoo mail/Gmail/etc, I just use this one and it handles them all. Very helpful in situations where you want to ensure that all your communication is being done via https.