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Jesse Andrews Admin

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hsrstud User

FYI: There is an experimental add-on (working well for me) for Firefox that appears to incorporate the functionality of this script (inc. default signature that works), plus more.

hsrstud User

Just wanted to acknowledge that this script started working again some time ago. Not sure why it stopped for a short while. The only ongoing issue for me is the default signature not working.

peaceradical User

It still works on mine but I still have to insert the sig as the default doesn't seem to be doing it's job. I have noticed that sense mozilla updated to 3, greasemonkey sometimes doesn't load any of the gmail scripts. I just reload the page and then it usually works.

mjb Script's Author

Sorry for not posting or helping much. I haven't had any time to work on this. I'm going to review these posts and see what I can do. Thanks for your patience.

That said, if anybody is interested in taking this over, please let me know.

hsrstud User

Yeah, this script recently stopped working for me as well. Such a shame it doesn't appear to be supported anymore. I wonder if someone else might take up where this author left off?

jlk User

This script is a great idea, but i cant seem to get it to work at all. I have it installed and checked off in the GreaseKit menu, and i've restarted everything. Does anyone have any ideas?

Sergey Martynov Scriptwright

Nice plugin, thanks. But could it be modified to use it with plain-text messages? I prefer plain text for most emails, but this plugin does not work with plain-text editor at all :(

Gideon van M... User

Apparently 5 signatures is the max or the sig cooky can has a maximum string length.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Why do I think this? Because I couldn't add a sixth signature: the text disappeared and the text "undefined"appeared. Also the signature textbox disappeared haphazardly. first I thought it was because of the new google gmail lab features and the new better gmail 2 skins but disabling those didn't help.

leatex User

I'm using this script whit commong GMail and it's working good. But I have a problem with Google Apps.
When you use my e-mail account in I can see this script in the side bar, but it doesn't work.
It's a GMail version for business (
Please, HELP!!!!


Gideon van M... User

How do I get the

* It automatically inserts the default signature (that you choose) into your email.
to work? I have set a default signature (it's now in Bold) and I have chosen no signature in the GMail settings, but no signature appears when I click on compose mail.

Something broken, or are my settings wrong. Also trouble with images: this one won't show: <img src=''> for unknown reasons. If the source is at another site it appears okay. Maybe the length of the string?


Matt Jabs User

Nevermind that last question. I read this on the script homepage:

Do not erase your cookies! Your signatures are stored in cookies on your computer. Erasing them will erase your signatures and you will have to retype them all…by hand. Hopefully, a future version will allow for bulk exporting and importing of signatures."

Matt Jabs User

This works awesome UNTIL I sign out of Gmail, then my signature disappears. It disappears every single time I sign out & back in.

Please help.

Thanks so much!

m3n3chm0 User

Hi all, i'm trying on ubuntu 8.04 and firefox 3 beta 5 ... when i install this script... there appear this error :

Error installing user script:

[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED) [nsIFileOutputStream.init]" nsresult: "0x80520015 (NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://greasemonkey/content/utils.js :: getWriteStream :: line 202" data: no]

Anybody could help me ?

tango_ninja User

This signature works great when I manually add my signature (from the sidebar). However, it doesn't add one by default -- in Compose, Reply or Forward.

Teresa P User


I love this script. Signatures are the only thing I missed from Outlook. I have this problem though--I have several signatures. When I try to add them, it works well for under 10 signatures. But when I tried to load more signatures than that, all of the signatures in the list disappear. The first time I lost the list at 13 signatures, the second time I lost the list at 15 or 16.

Has anyone had the same problem or have any suggestions for me?

Thanks so much,


theRamenNoodle Scriptwright

I've realized something that this script could really use: styling consistent with the rest of Gmail's interface so that restylizing scripts can make this script look right.

Currently, I'm using this script:

peaceradical User

Yea, I've tried reselecting it and that doesn't help but this is weird, if I load a compose page the default signature isn't there but if I then reload the page using the firefox reload button, viola, it's there. I just get obsessed over little things that don't work right on my computer. I'm spending way too much time on this one.

hsrstud User

I just re-selected my default signature, and it showed up again. I don't know why I needed to do this, because the default signature was already in bold lettering (which, I believe, means it was already recognized as the default). Hopefully, this helps?

hsrstud User

Yeah, I dunno. The default signature seemed to be working fine for me after using your advice, but its not showing up for me again today. I can't point to anything I've done differently. I haven't installed any scripts or extensions, or other software.

peaceradical User

I can NOT for the life of me figure out why this script won't load a signature automatically when I hit compose. I've tried disabling all my other scripts and extensions. I've uninstalled it and deleted my cookies and reinstalled it and rewrote the signatures and it still is not working. They work well if I insert them and change properly from one to another but it's got me baffled why it doesn't load automatically. when I first got it, it worked fine. ???????

hsrstud User

Yep, seems to be working for me now. I notice I have to give Gmail a few seconds even after everything has loaded before composing a new message. Not a big hassle though.

hsrstud User

Huh, thanks for the useful feedback peaceradical. It seems the rich text is loading when I give Gmail time to fully load upfront. For some reason, the default signature is loading for me as well (at least for now). I'll test this again tomorrow.

peaceradical User


I've noticed that when I first open gmail, if I go straight to compose I'll have the same freeze up you sound like you are having. If I give it a few seconds to load everything in the background then it doesn't freeze but the default signature doesn't load. I still have to insert the signature. This same script loaded the default for a while but for some reason it doesn't anymore. Don't know if google changed something or if it's something in my system.

hsrstud User

Just to confirm. When I download the script from this webpage, the version is listed as v 2.1 at the top of the script, however; I noticed that it's labeled v 2.1.1 on the webpage. I'm trying to figure out why its not working for me...