Gamespot screenshot windows fix

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Lior Zur Script's Author

Ok, Daniel, you got what you asked for -- check my new script at:

Please remove the current script before installing the new one, and tell me if it works.

Lior Zur Script's Author

Hi Daniel, Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it a lot. As for your suggestions -- you're correct, the solution isn't optimal yet. Gamespot's viewer is quite complex. I should have mentioned my script works best for LARGE displays. Resizing the screenshots degrades their quality and thus isn't a good solution in my opinion (even if I knew how to implement it). But a DIRECT link to the screenshot... hmm... Let me have a look at that...

Daniel Rozen... Scriptwright

Finally! Works great :)
Gamespot's is the most annoying screenshot viewer i've seen, ever (and of course no tabs allowed) But with your script it becomes bearable :) I had a problem where some screenshots were bigger than my screen resolution (which is 1152x864, so the problem is not me) - if you're going to remove the scrollbars, why not also resize the screenshots to fit? (althought as you've probably already guessed, my own best solution would be to get rid of the screenshot viewer and just change the s to the real screenshot's file, making the use of tabs available...)