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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

michael elliott User

And in case that link dies, here's the Wayback Machine's link:*/http://s93731204.o...

michael elliott User

For those looking for the script in the thread previously mentioned, here's a direct link copied out of that thread to the script for the quote-supported version:

DaleStan Scriptwright

sine nomine's link is 404 for me, but I've had success with the version in this thread:
except that if phpBB No Stretch is installed after the above script, the "Toggle Display" link won't work on quotes. Two possible solutions are to uninstall/reinstall User Hide, and to edit GreaseMonkey's config.xml (in gm_scripts/) appropriately.

sine nomine User

my users had no luck at all with this version (they installed it yesterday and today), but the one they installed from worked perfectly.

Nasty User

This script was the original reason I installed Firefox. COntinuing to work great. Thanks.

Joseph Wu Scriptwright

Thanks for the extension, Josh. And, since the extension frees up the username again to be clicked, I've written used this script as the starting point for writing my phpBB User Annotate script:

JoshPowell User

I've turned htis into an extension: