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ejdj968 Script's Author

It's been broken again, something to do with the town changing process doesn't work I think. I'll probably rewrite it abandoning all townchanging stuff which they seem to not want us to do, and instead I'll just loadup the warehouse view aswell, shame that will actually load their servers more but nevermind...
I'll try to fix it soon if I can, altho I can't guarunee anything

maddoctor User

Not working. All I see is a 0 and nothing else.

ejdj968 Script's Author

Howdy all,
I've done a quick workaround to make it work again with version 0.2.8:
It now just loads each city's data in-turn, because you need the previous page's data to make the next request to change city. So now it just adds the city info rows one after another, then puts the totals row at the bottom when they're all done.
The incoming trade data will take a few more days to sort as it's completely changed.
All other warnings etc should be working as usual.

Shakall User

Thanks i hope so its realy great Script !

ejdj968 Script's Author

With the latest update it's broken it slightly, the trade view's different, and it doesn't seem to allow you to change town the same way as you could, which ironically would force me to just use the warehouse view aswell, loading their servers more than if the allowed automated efficient stuff!
So hold off downloading at the mo, i should have a workaround soon hopefully.

Shakall User

By me they dont work and i dont know why !
Its allways on 0 and nothing pass!
I play on Balkan Ikariam.

Picture - http://i37.tinypic.com/2h3bhbl.jpg

VinWij User

This looks excellent! Maybe add something about nr of research-points and how long it takes for it to complete, and you basically have a complete overview!

I use Ikariam ++, but this is very nice as a complementary script. Thanks!