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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

ttfn Scriptwright

Changing the third parameter of the addEventListener to true seems to get the script working again.

Lenny Domnitser Script's Author

wei, I noticed this stop working recently, too. Weirdly, the 'o' shortcut provided by Google isn't working for me either, but j/k still work. I'm pretty busy now, so no guarantees about a timely fix, but I'll look into this when I can.

wei User

Sorry, but this doesn't work any longer on a normal basis.

It only works after I click on a link. Normal Google Reader keyboard shortcuts then no longer work.

wei User

Hi, is there a way to deactivate this script when focus is on the search form? Currently hitting 'Enter' while a post is selected AND focus is on the search field causes the selected post to be opened.

Only the search should be submitted.

Denis Golomazov Scriptwright

I've written a new script based on this one, which I consider a bit handier (at least to me). You can check it here:
Google Reader Background & Read@Lenny: thanks for the idea)

Lenny Domnitser Script's Author

@Denis/Pavel: I'm happy with the script as it is, but it's released under the GNU GPL, so you can upload a modified version to If you do, please link back to here in the description, and leave a comment on this script with a link to your version.

Pavel Zrumov Scriptwright

I've managed to change your script: now it reacts on "b" key press. All you have to do is write

if (String.fromCharCode(event.which)=="b" && !event.ctrlKey) {

instead of

if(event.keyCode == 13)

Perhaps it would be better to combine this action with "mark as read" action, but i don't know how to do it yet.

Denis Golomazov Scriptwright

The script works great if I open the item ('o') then understand that it's worth reading and open it in a background tab by pressing 'Enter'. This also closes the item automatically, what is very handy.

But there is another pattern: I just look at the title of item and want to open it in background without expanding in reader. What should I do?
First variant: I press 'o' and then press Enter just like described before.
Second variant: I press Enter, the item is opening in background BUT it's also opening in reader! And I have to close it by pressing 'o'!

Could you please change this behaviour so that it would be as follows: if I press 'Enter' on unexpanded item, it opens in background and ~doesn't expand~.

Thanks in advance.

tml User

It seems this is a nice way to make the link be opened in the background without having to set browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground, which would open anything in the background.

Lenny Domnitser Script's Author

'v' opens the item in a new window, not tab. (Yes, Firefox can be configured to open new windows in tabs.)

engtech Scriptwright

just a FYI, Google Reader *already* does this when you press 'V'.

Lenny Domnitser Script's Author

to tag when is fixed: google reader "google reader" googlereader shortcut keyboard accesskey keystroke tab rss feed