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By ankut Last update May 20, 2007 — Installed 13,592 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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TheGreekSage Scriptwright

No need to clean Torrentspy.



pandaking User

Sorry, the link I meant:

pandaking User

Can anyone confirm this is safe, re the cookie issue?


This script has a "document.cookie" statement...

Mister Bungle User

Simple and Effective. 2 thumbs Up.. This site is a textbook case of over cluttering..

alien_scum Scriptwright

Very nice. I fiddled with it a bit so it now looks slightly nicer and cleans the front page too. If you take offence i'll remove my version

Worsel User

Outstanding script, torrentspy is chock full of ads nowadays. Great stuff.

ankut Script's Author

Removed more obnoxious ads

ankut Script's Author

Updated to allow changing sorting preferences directly from the search page.

ankut Script's Author

Made the little download icons next to the torrent downloads in the search results page to point to the actual torrent, as they should.

ankut Script's Author

Removed those annoying links to and in the search results.

ankut Script's Author

Modified code to remove annoying ad in search results...

Dan F Scriptwright

If you add this code to the end of your file:
var killme = document.getElementsByTagName("div")[9]; //10th DIV, index starts at 0"none";

var killme = document.getElementsByTagName("div")[12];"none";

var killme = document.getElementsByTagName("div")[10];"none";

That is what I mean. Nothing but the search box (almost :)

Dan F Scriptwright

IMHO, sorting comes first in neededness. But, for "googlification," I mean having just a search box on the front page and nothing else.

ankut Script's Author

Sure, I'm always on the lookout for ideas on how to improve it. There's currently a cookie problem with the site (doesnt remember the sort settings) so I'll update that next.

I hardly ever look at their front page... Does the Shoutwire comment listing on the front page need to go? Can you please elaborate on the "googlification" idea? Thanks :)

Dan F Scriptwright


Now it has to be "Googlified" and the ShoutWire crap must go.

Are you (ankut) still developing this?

Balinsky User

Wow, amazing script. Takes away all the ads, now you can use torrentspy without worrying about people looking over your sholder.