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By Anton Berezin Last update Nov 22, 2005 — Installed 2,559 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

chochem User

Thansk for this but how do I change the key code to ctrl + arrows?

Anton Berezin Script's Author

avi: I don't see what is there to navigate without registering, and I am not very interested in registering. Sorry.

Anton Berezin Script's Author

Brian: there, they all should work now.

avi 2 User

dont work :\

tnx avi

Brian Pilnick Scriptwright

a couple more webcomics it doesn't work with:

Brian Pilnick Scriptwright

it doesn't work on

Anton Berezin Script's Author

Nathan: I added a very simplistic ranking of possible matches, so at least it does the right thing for the site you've mentioned. But I'll be very interested to learn about other sites for which it does not do the job (but should).

Anton Berezin Script's Author

Ben: yeah, I believe it is a known leak with addEventListener(). IIRC, it was fixed in FF trunk but not in, but there's a hope will include the fix. :-)

Anton Berezin Script's Author

Chris: fixed, sorry it took so long.

Chris M User

Awesome script. Is there a way to disable it while typing in a text box?

Ben Lowery Scriptwright

Hi Anton,

This script seems to trigger a memory leak in Firefox 1.5, especially when refreshing a page with a lot of dom nodes over and over again. Anyone else seeing this?

Anton Berezin Script's Author

Nathan: I'll try to fix that, except seems down at the moment.

Nathan Howell User

Nice script. I found somewhere it doesn't do the right thing though (IMO). On it seems to go to the next thread, rather than the next page of the current thread.

Christopher ... Scriptwright

This one's very useful on forums that have small, hard to click next page buttons.