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By yichuanshen Last update May 4, 2007 — Installed 8,861 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

Gidgidonihah Scriptwright

Yep, search was recently added. We'll have to wait for an update on that.

th0r User

Thanks for the great script...made it look nice until altered the reader layout again and everything is misaligned..could you pls fix this ? they seem to have added a new textbox and combobox to filter the feeds..

azwandi User

Well, this is the fix!

azwandi User

I have made a fix for the unseen trends link problem. Get it here.

vicont User

The trends link is unseen. Script has to be updated...

Gidgidonihah Scriptwright

I haven't checked reader in about a week and now when i click on a feed it says loading, then nothing shows up in the reader. The right panel just stays blank.

reminho User

installed the script but it doesn't work. i'm working on a intel-macbookpro. any ideas? all other scripts work perfectly???


aronin User

Is there a way to use this script in the userContent.css file?

Ford User

I really like this latest update (5/3). Thanks for putting the border below the "Add Star, Share, etc." line. That was bugging me but I could figure out how to fix it. Google Reader Prettifier is awesome!

Nxqd3051990 User

Very cool :)

Gidgidonihah Scriptwright

Okay, I fixed that. If you want the star to be green for the current item you are reading, just add this to the end of the css code:

/*added by gid*/#current-entry .entry-icons .item-star {background-image: url() !important;}

Gidgidonihah Scriptwright

Looks great! One problem though, is the star isn't changing for active items like it should.

Stretch User

Needs some clean up, for example some text isn't displaying properly for longer feed names.

scottjl User

great script.