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By Narayan Natarajan Last update Aug 19, 2011 — Installed 13,944 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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yoyopi27 User

I've modified the original script to completly hide the left side ads!
You have to add this to line 62 :

var TopAd = parent.document.getElementById('nwPane');
var BottomAd = parent.document.getElementById('swPane');
var folderPan = parent.document.getElementById('foldersPane');
var folderDiv = parent.document.getElementById('foldersTableDiv');
var MaxBottom = parent.document.getElementById('calBarPane');

And this to line 81:

if ( BottomAd != null ){'hidden';
if ( TopAd != null ){
if (BottomAd != null){
var MaxBottomHeight = pixtoint(;
var DifTop = pixtoint( - pixtoint(; = ((MaxBottomHeight - pixtoint( - DifTop - 10) + "px"); = ((MaxBottomHeight - pixtoint( + "px");

Sean Watson Scriptwright

To hide the left side ads
add this to line 62

var swPane=parent.document.getElementById('swPane');
var foldersTableDiv=parent.document.getElementById('foldersTableDiv');

And this to line 76

if ( swPane != null ) {
// deleteNode(swPane);'hidden';
if (foldersTableDiv != null ) {
// resizeNode(foldersTableDiv);'100%';

BKDotCom Scriptwright

As suggested by the author, I have uploaded a modified version of this script...
My additions include

  • removal of leftside ads
  • periodically cleans up the ads (to get the ones they occasionally put back)
Ad Remover+

pogue User

Now they are putting ads on the left hand side too :(

nettrotter Scriptwright

well done you work makes my interface very clean. and it 's of great help to those who is poor at the bandwidth.

Chetan A. Sh... User

Thank you! works great. The right advertisement hides when u use this script!

Btw is there a way to hide the ads which appear above and below the left navigation (Like Inbox, Drafts, Sent etc)

Any help would be gr8. Thanks again!

Gary Lape User

I get the same runtime error as that described by Joe L. I am running Windows XP.

Gary Lape User

Does this script work on an XP platform?

blippy User

will this work with CANADA yahoo beta? ;)

Awesome Donkey User

Well, it seems that Yahoo has updated mail slightly (at least for me).

Now I have an idea and a suggestion...

It is possible to collapse the side ad space, but leave the collapsed space? I'll elaborate with screenshots.


See how the side ad bar extends out every time you view different parts of the Y!Mail beta site? Well, is it possible to automatically collapse it (like you can already do with the little arrow button) and leave it collapsed? Now, look at this mock up screenshot I made...


See how the ad is gone, but it leaves the collapsed space? I personally like how this looks, and it fits in well with the site, giving it a nice border (minus the arrow button of course).

So what do you guys think? Is it possible or not?

Narayan Nata... Script's Author


yahoo re-generates the ad each time - which the script destroys each time. So, there's the flash of creation, and another for its destruction..
(wonder if you get a reaaaaly fast computer if you'd see it.. :) )

Narayan Nata... Script's Author

Hello all,
Thanks for you comments, and thanks for the extra code someone sent me (more on that in a bit).

This version: adjusts to the new yahoo's "hide" button/bar. Also, modified the behaviour of hiding the ads. Not sure if this will be better or not, but time and experience with it will tell.

Joe L: Not really sure what the matter would be, but try the new version.

bkfake: The code that you modified works fine, and maybe a good addition for people that just hate adverts. I'm not much of an advert "hater", I just hate it when advertisements are there to create a problem (such as not being able to view my email). So, at this time I'm not adding it to this code. However, please feel free to upload it as your own mod (and keep me in the credits) so if there are such people that would not care for ads then they can use yours.

Joe L User

I tried to install this script but it gave me an error.

Script: c:\document ... \5257.user[1].js
Line: 51
Char: 2
Error: 'parent' is undefined
Code: 800A1391
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error

How can I get pass this?

Zoe Gillenwater User

Works as advertised, and makes reading mail much more pleasant. The only weird thing is that each message initially loads with a gap to the right as if the vertical banner ad was still there, then resizes to fill in the space. It's kind of distracting. Otherwise, great job.

Virus User

G8 job dude....

Troc Ster User

A million thanks narayan. That side bar is just too big and your script works a treat.

I paid for my screen, I paid for my bandwidth, I've even paid for the damn yahoo mail service, but not to see stupid anoying, intrusive and insulting adverts.

Keep up the excelent work !

Ashish Agnih... Scriptwright

Really what I was looking for. Yahoo mail now looks even better. One glitch however, if I resize the Firefox window - the ad pane reappears annoyingly :(

sush User

Really great job :). The narrow reading pane used to take the fun off.

Mahesh User

Thanx a lot buddy. I actually switched back to Old yahoomail due to this AD, now am happy using Yahoomail Beta for ever.

Narayan Nata... Script's Author

Thanks for the comments.
I uploaded a modified script with the message pane pop-sideways-into-a-tab width modifier so that it is also eats up the advert portion.

Mahesh User

I meant Reading pane, when the mail is previewed in next tab.

Mahesh User

Narayan, Damn good script. But it only removes the adverts, if possible try to increasing Reading pane size also :)

bunkacid Scriptwright

could you make this script work with the calendar also to kill the ads on the right and fix the table?

Narayan Nata... Script's Author

Yahoo! Mail Beta contains a sidebar with adverts that are annoying due to the messages that extend beyond the message pane area - which means you have to horizontally scroll. This happens pretty much all of the time and this script causes the side bar to be shoved off the right edge of the window and the rest of the message area to occupy that space.
Its not perfect by far (also my first attempt at this), but feel free to evolve the script.
Thus far I couldn't find a script that does this - hope its useful to you people, enjoy!