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znerp Script's Author

@lukast: I've not tested this script on the facebook, so it may not work. Anyhow, if you go to userscript commands when you are viewing a page on Facebook, then the option should be there.

lukast User

I have installed this script,but when I try to change colors I canĀ“t go to Userscript Commands.Why is that happening to me,and what should I do to make this script work

znerp Script's Author

@Chris4: I've not tested this on the new facebook so it may not work on that, but it does work on the current one.

Chris4 Scriptwright

Don't think it works.
It's enabled and can't see any difference.
So either not working or I can't work out how to work it.


how do i resize a pic for placement where the logo is. ive been trying but failing miserably

Themebot User

Facebook needs to allow for users to add CSS to customize the elements on their profile page. This is the only way to truly customize your profile. Here is an article discussing this and the official petition:


rmpbklyn User

Is it possible to add changing the background also.

znerp Script's Author

@leagult: The font colour's set to be the dark colour, so I assume that you've set that to be black. This would mean that everything will be black for you, so simply change that colour to change the colour of the fonts. Also, I've changed the 'what are you doing now?' so that it's now the dark colour and not the light one.

leagult User

How can we change the color of the font? Because everything is black for me..
oh yeah, might be something you can do here: the Light color also affects the "what are you doing now?" status thing.

znerp Script's Author

@illlicifulic: No, it's not possible using userscripts for anyone to see changes you make to a page you're viewing except for you.

illlicifulic User

Just a curious question.. Will everyone else see my profile as color as well?

znerp Script's Author

Perhaps I should clarify; the option to customise the facebook colours will only be under the "User Script Commands..." menu when you are on a page in facebook. At all other times this option will not be on that menu.

Brian P. User

got it to work, after exiting click several times on the ghosted commands it it came up :)

Brian P. User

After exiting, user script command is ghosted out. And before it didnt work? Any ideas on how to fix this?

UL-Tomten User

Now it worked! Hooray.

UL-Tomten User

Still not working. Author dead?

Jeremy Cohen User

It's not working anymore. Userscripts command is ghosted out.

znerp Script's Author

@Maura-Ann: Sorry, but there isn't any way that this would be possible. Glad that you like my script though!

Maura-Ann User

This is awesome!
I love it, but I was wondering if there is any way that the changes we make to our facebook could be shown to others when they visit our profile?

spamremoverz User

dude nice work this thing is awesome.

nice script bro!!!!

spamremoverz User

are other friends on facebook able to see these changes when they visit ur profile or r they just for you eyes?

blackwind Scriptwright

Toss in a background color changer, and this would be perfect. :)

znerp Script's Author

@Kieran: This is very much possible, and I'll have a think today about how best to implement this and see if I can put anything out in the next few days. If I can't find any way of doing this that doesn't look messy though, I might not implement this change. Please note though that every colour is defined by a unique hexadecimal number and it is possible to manually type these in if you want.

Kieran User

An option to save colour schemes would be good. Two colours may go well but the user might fancy a change... By saving the original scheme it can be easily reverted back to.
Is this possible?