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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Mortimer Scriptwright

The script is great, but the bar is sometime too obtrusive. It would be good to have some way to toggle it when we want to see it.

On some websites, the z-index is messed up and elements of the page appear over the bar.

SirDarkStar User

Very handy script on certain pages.

A few nits. Needs to use a smaller font. Needs to eliminate duplicate key entries (it's sad how many pages do this). Needs to have a maximum size (one page I visited had so many keys the entire screen was covered). Would be nice if you could easily hide/view the window (with an access key maybe also).

RE: the previous comment. I think the problem might be that the script isn't triggered from onLoad and might be running before the page is finished loading.

michael Leitao User

The bar does not always pop up, usually you need to refresh the page.

For example go to, use the bar to access home once the page reloads the bar disappears.