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Advoki User

first off i really like this script a lot.

I use youtube to listen and search for new music and i often want the music i find on my phone as well.

I'm now using the first youtube to mp3 converter you find in google. but it will save me a lot of time if apart of the video download options there would also be an option to download a mp3 file.

if there is an possibility to add this option that would be awesome and you have my thanks in advance.
If its not possible you still have my thanks for making a great script :D


freecyber Scriptwright

I know direct mp3 download is not feasible, but a link to with the URL and possibly mp3 quality info filled in would be helpful (like YouTube Center has)

Or there may be other youtube->mp3 sites that are as good, but I have tried several and this one is the only one I've seen with no pop-ups or unnecessary delays or screens (even without AdBlock Plus).