YousableTubeFix for Chrome

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Center alignment?

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Wulvaine User

My knowledge of scripting extends about as far as installing scripts more technically astute folks have written, so I'd just like to ask if it would be horribly difficult to either add the option to center content into the settings or make YousableTubeFix compatible with one of the other center-alignment extensions? The cookie fix to keep the old layout stopped working for me today, so I'm forced to update, and I can't stand the left alignment.

ericcire User

I'm using stylish(another chrome extension) with "Youtube's new layout centered UPDATED Dec 13 2012" from

One more extension to install and may not be the way you wanted. But I'm happy with that.

RedSaint User

If you adjust the width of your browser window to between ~1430 and ~1850 the script still seem to center the video correctly. No idea why it stops centering outside those boundaries.

I use a small utility called Sizer to get the adjustments right.