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FernanDK User

couple days ago utube added a new banner, a huge one, very uncomfortable, would you please make the script remove it from the page Mindeye?

also i have a suggestion for a new feature, auto-like videos.. 99% of the vids i see i LIKE, really, no joke, but i almost never click the like button, and i fell that i should support my channels i watch by auto-liking them, and the videos i don't like i always make sure to dislike them as i already do, it is only 1% anyways..

h4p User

You should use Adblock Plus to remove banners.

Latest dev build is here:

FernanDK User

@mindeye ?

@h4p adblock doesn't suit me well bcuz it often tends to break the script of some pages.. same goes for httpseverywhere and donottrackme, they are great ideas, tho very badly implemented.