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Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

jdblacklung, I read your comment on his script, so I'm basically responding to it...

The reason I treat differently is because unless I wait till that page has loaded the script doesn't seem to work on it. On all the other sites I have tested the script works before the page has finished loading, so there is no need to delay for those sites just to accommodate Microsoft.

With regards to XPath, I didn't use it just because I'm more familiar with getElementsByTagName(). I really have no idea which one is faster. Where have you heard that XPath is faster? The closest thing I found to a comparison is on which actually compares XPath to getElementsByClassName() (which turns out to be faster than XPath btw).

That said, the speed difference between the two scripts is probably to small to be noticeable. If you already have one installed keep using it, otherwise I think it won't make that much of a difference to you which one you install.

jdblacklung User

Vaughan Chandler,
Is there any advantage to using your script over LouCypher's ?

LouCypher Scriptwright

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

Hi FaeGiN,

Glad you like the idea for the script :)

I have a link to this script from the other one so that people can choose the one that suits them best. I figure that people who always use their computers at home in a "safe environment" don't really need the added security of this script. That said, this one is the more popular of the two.

FaeGiN Scriptwright

Thanks a lot mate....I am commenting and I haven't even tested it yet! Oops!
Thanks for making this one as it's a bit more secure than just having passwords always viewable like your other script. You should really redirect folk to use this one instead...too many people get their info nicked these days!
Anyway, cheers! :)