My eBay autologin

By Henrik N Last update Sep 21, 2005 — Installed 26,865 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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James Wigley Scriptwright

This is one of the most useful scripts out there. Cheers.

Just letting you know I've modified your script to work with AOL Login pages. Let me know if you want it removed or changed. Thanks.

flipjevandejam User

Works like a charm on all ebay.tld's/extensions.

Henrik N Script's Author

Stuart Bell: It's no problem at all, good work.

Stuart Bell Scriptwright

Thanks for an excellent script. I've uploaded an edited version of this that does the same for too -- though do let me know if you'd prefer it removed/altered!

Yokhannan Scriptwright


Henrik N Script's Author

Updated for 1.5. Hope it works. :>

Johnny Bravo Scriptwright

I have code that works in FX1.5/GM0.6.4 ... not sure how to send it to the author of this script ... so, I've put it up here ...

Totti User

hmm, same for me ... will there be a fix?

Marty User

Doesn't work for me. The UserID and Password are immediatly filled in as normal, but the "Keep me signed in ..." box never get checked and the page just sits there. Firefox 1.5 and GM 0.6.4.

Henrik N Script's Author

Broken in 1.5/0.6.3 for me as well. It appears Firefox 1.5 autofills the password AFTER the userscript has run. Not sure how to best solve this - it doesn't appear to trigger the onchange event. Will probably post an update later today.

theaulddubliner Scriptwright

good idea - hate having to constantly log in to ebay - but it doesn't appear to be working for me under 1.5RC2 and GM 0.6.3 - is it because FF isn't remebering my password I wonder ?

p 1 User

does what it says on the tin....

(change to ebay.* for other ebays - .de, etc.)