How can I improve my script 'search' visibility?

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vertigoelectric Scriptwright

I recently got a review on one of my scripts that said the script is great but hard to find. Seems it's easier to find it via Google than it is via the site's own search feature.

The title of my script is "Hide Selected Craigslist Listings v2.0". The user who reviewed said that a search for "craigslist hide" could not find the script. I'm thinking this is because the exact phrase "craigslist hide" is not part of the title or summary, which means that the search is not very intuitive.

So I thought maybe I could just add some keywords. I'd forgotten about the keyword entry and tried adding keywords to the description, but it seems the description isn't searched. The summary doesn't allow enough characters and the title is certainly no place for keywords (as a side note, I did add "(craigslist hide)" at the end of the title for now just so that particular searched phrase could find it).

I remembered the official keyword section so I added "craigslist hide" to the keywords there. Then I went to search for "craigslist hide", but got no results. After a bit of poking around I found that if I searched for "craigslisthide" (without the space), my script came up as a result. Seems the spaces are stripped out of tags when they are submitted to the database (or wherever they're stored for the site) even though they're displayed with their spaces on the script page on the side bar where you add them. This is also NOT intuitive because nobody is going to search for "craigslisthide", or other search phrases without spaces.

How do I optimize this?

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

I didn't realize the script search was so worthless. It's depressing. Anything other than a single word is pretty much hopeless. While users can search for strings freely by surrounding them with % symbols, how many would guess that?

Perhaps the site's script should be altered to do that automatically?