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peekaydubey User

There is a task I want to automate with canned auto respond.

I receive inquires by email. I respond to these inquiries individually and half of these queries are only to check my availability calendar,

but by the time I respond sometimes hours have passed and that is not good. So the solution was to setup a filter with a canned response directing the inquirer to my online calendar. It was the perfect solution for me except there came a problem.

As long as the "reply-to" field is blank in the email the filter works fine and sends the canned response to the right email but whenever there is an address in the reply-to field, the canned email goes to the wrong place i.e. it goes to the sender instead of the address in the reply-to. Sender is sites like

I have found a solution to make this work and I need help implementing it in a script.

Can someone create a script and post it here for everyone to use including me. I use Firefox and Gmail. I do not know if this can be done but hopefully you will find a way. An award of appreciation awaits you as does my gratitude.

mike cupcake Scriptwright

That solution is for people coding a PHP backend to an enquiry form, it's nothing to do with the gmail web interface so can't be put into a userscript.

Probably the easiest solution would be to run a desktop email client (e.g. Thunderbird) to handle the auto-replies, you could leave it running minimised and continue to use the Gmail web interface as normal.

Or put your calendar online so people can check it themselves?

peekaydubey User

I have tried Thunderbird but it has the same problem i.e. sends reply to the sender instead of the Reply to address. I have also put my calendar on every page that I can and yet the same questions gets asked over and over.

Here is a question for you. When I manually reply to these emails like follows.
a. Received an email, opened it and saw they wanted to check dates.
b. Hit the reply button and send them a canned response.
c. Reply goes to the proper address when it is done like this but in auto respond filter it goes to the wrong address. How come when I do it manually it works but not otherwise.

There has to be a solution out there somewhere and hopefully a simple one.

mike cupcake Scriptwright

Maybe someone's written an extension for Thunderbird that changes that behaviour, it must be a common issue. It wouldn't be listed here though.