Script not working with Facebook/Chrome

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BH1 User

Seems the script is not reporting when an attack (wave or attack tab) is returning. Not sure what changed in the last day or two. Another issue is toggling the game off and on completely messes up the game. Switching to map, all that comes up is main city and owned wilds. Switch to an OP and the screen is blank. If I clear the cache and cookies on the browser, some functionality comes back, but the wave and attack functions are still broken. I can send out one series of waves, but they never signal the script that they've returned to send out the next wave.

Final issue is that I get completion errors trying to queue builds, meaning the script doesn't realize a task is done and fails trying to start another build.

Any ideas?

Much thanks.

Jawz74 Script's Author

The flash game and the script are 2 different things that works separately, but with the same set of data coming from the Kabam server.
So all issues in the flash game (such map display, non-display of the reports, etc...) are Kabam related. Kabam has to deal with its own bugs. I think they do as the flash is not stable and we are all experiencing game problems...
For the script, for the wave/attack return, for the task completion, there is probably a couple of bugs in the script. But most of time, the fact that the script seems to not work properly is due to Kabam servers that take too much time so answer to the requests sent by the script.
As long as Kabam will have huge bugs in their game, it will be very difficult to know if the script issues are related to the script or server-side effects... For now, as the script is working fine for me, I suppose that the Kabam servers are overloaded, laggy, buggy.... some kind of shit in fact.

So, as you all saw in your game messages... Buy ruby, buy ruby, buy ruby ! Otherwise, Kabam won't have enough funds to buy new servers and to hire "real" developpers.

rosebandit Scriptwright

I was doing a hardcore test with script the last 6 days playing on 4 realms with 2 different Accounts

1. Realm: no problems with attacking 40-60 sec. 6*24h without any break. Made about 9k attacks in the first account and 11k attacks waving a bugfarm in the other account with a 30-45 sec delay plus training/researching and building. No probs, no API error, just running stable. (Yesterday the 429 API Error strikes back one time. Now i´m attacking every 65-70 sec. works fine again). The Api error was only in that Realm. It was possible to play in the realms 2-4 in a normal way.

2-4 Realm: Playing only possible early in the Morning and late in the Evening without any problems, but in the other time, the realms were hanging. Not possible to play until yesterday.

So it´s another proof, that the issues are not script related.

positive: it seems, that Kabam changed their blocking policy. A lot of requests can be send through the script until it blocks and then only the realm with the "too may requests" message is blocked for a while (must not be one hour).
Since yesterday, the performance is a little bit better in most realms.

negativ: Blocks can be possible, but only if the tool is used in a very hard way.
So be smart and reduce attacks, so it could be, that playing will be much better that in the past.

kabam is cleaning old realms from inactive cities, maybe, that another reason ,why some realms are very busy in the last days.

rosebandit Scriptwright

i played on facebook and on

Curtis Rowell User

A couple days ago, the script just stopped running. No side-by-side window, no error messages, nothing. Tampermonkey SAYS it is running but I see no evidence of this. Yesterday, it started running again but won't shift the flash window over so the script overlays the flash window. Today it fails to display at all again.

DOA Power Tools works but doesn't have the features this one has.