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LordSin User

i use windows 7 n chrome with script n im having issues loading when script pops up its clear u can c only words but cant use it at all n when it does load also having issue with attack it is not returning troops have to manually recall n it does not register in script that they are back keep getting error no generals available can u pls help me out with this 2 issues thank u

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

For a quicker response, I suggest the following: find the script you're using on the site (the search on the Scripts tab searches in scripts) and use the Discussions tab there to contact the author. Most script authors will check there before visiting these general forums.

devnull69 Scriptwright

And for an even quicker response, I suggst t wrt wrds instead f lttrs.

Punctuation is also a nice feature of languages. They even added it to common keyboards.