map scan radius 70

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MagicInMyBlood Scriptwright

i tried to change the radius at Level sub-tab under Attack from 35 to 70
and in fact, i already have the map data for radius 70..
i just wonder how this could happen, all i know the script only allow us to scan for radius 35 only, but how can i have map data for radius 70?
where does this map data come from?
anyone can explain..

★Les★ Scriptwright

For cities and so on it scans for... for map data for Camps its pre saved into the script its self.. really you could put 300 and script will find all camps within 300.. cause they are in the script its self. example: i put in 300 it shows the following... Targets: 3510, but for cities it needs to scan each tile of the map.. this is a hell of a lot of request... thats why we default to like 30-35 ish.. hope this makes sense