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Memory Leak User

Hey, I am very new to this community as I have just recently discovered userscripts. I play pokemon vortex (Yea... I know) and I came across a script for pokemon vortex mobile. I basically just spams the search button until a pokemon appears. I was wondering how I found go about editing it so it would keep searching until a certain pokemon appear.

Bassically I am asking how can I use querySelectors etc...

Here is the code

Here is some of the html info

and this is a pic of the website

I really, really need and would appreciate any help that anyone could provide.

Thanks in advanced.

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

querySelector has lots of good documentation available. For example:

The general principle is based on how you create CSS selectors (e.g.,, so something like this might work:

// Get a reference to the first instance of a Dark_Dratini.gif
var wdd = document.querySelector('img[src*="Dark_Dratini.gif"]');
if (wdd) {
  // Found one
  alert("Attack! Attack!");

Alternately you could look for the text.

Memory Leak User

Thank you so much, you do not know how happy you have made me :D