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A few problems

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Firefox 12
Greasemonkey 0.9.20
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I have a few problems which persisted for months now and I'm getting more and more annoyed about them.

All of the problems are random. Some videos work fine, others not.

1. "Set autoplay to buffering" seems to be ignored often.

2. Videos won't resize.

3. The bar with Play, Mute, Settings and so on sometimes appears as grey bar with very low quality icons. Often happens together with problem number 2. Haven't seen it yet after updating to the latest script version but it was there for months.

4. Sometimes a still image will overleap the video, I need to click on it in order to make it disappear. Sometimes it's a frame of the video and sometimes this:

All script settings are default.

Features problem 4.
Features problem 1, 2, 3 (in the old version) and sometimes 4.
Features problem 1 and 2.

GIJoe Script's Author

1: "Set autoplay to buffering" don't work on HTML5 player yet.

2: Using HTML5 player... work in progress...

3: HTML5 player again... Should be already fixed in the last version.

4: You can disable "Create an Image Rollover Preview for the Main Video" in the "Display" tab. I'll set this option to "disabled" by default in the next version.