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HTML5 player support?

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nascent Scriptwright

I understand HTML5 wont work with this script. I also understand that disabling html5 here ( isn't enough, as youtube feeds the player randomly, and so the useragent must be changed to trick youtube into thinking your browser is html5 incapable.

With that out of the way, why is it so hard to change this script to support the html5 player? I've tried to see what is holding back support, but haven't been able to.

Is html5 support completely out of the question, or just a temporarily unsupported feature?

jackabood Scriptwright

if ur a firefox user type about:config in the url bar
then search media.
change media.wave , media.ogg , media.webm to false then the html5 is disabled

or instal uacontrol extension

nascent Scriptwright

Did you read my comment? =[ I was asking why html5 support wasn't possible.

Mindeye Script's Author

Sigh... Do I have to answer this again? It's a combination of things:

  • I would have to review YouTube's (minimized) code and reverse-engineer how it works
  • I would have to figure a way to access it to tweak things
  • I would have to write again all the video related features of the script
  • I would have to maintain and provide support for all that new code, which will be practically a new script (the most important and complicated features of the script are related to the video)
  • I don't use or plan to use the HTML5 player as I prefer the Flash one for the time being
  • I don't have much free time
  • I'm working in another project which also demands my attention
Is html5 support completely out of the question, or just a temporarily unsupported feature?

No, it's not of the question but I don't know when it will be completed. I'll try to add code to workaround YouTube's unfortunate decision to use the HTML5 player even when the user hasn't joined the beta soon, I hope.

nascent Scriptwright

Ok thanks for the answer, I looked and couldn't find an answer.

I understand your situation, it sounds like a lot of work. I absolutely hate the flash player, it has microfreezes every few seconds for me, and the html player is flawless, but I will try to put up with it a little longer for your autobuffer functionality.

em7 User

The microfreezes are due to Firefox and not Flash.

When Firefox writes its sessionstore json script (used to restore pages after crashes) and if it is very big (on a fast computer or average on a slow computer), meaning you're on a very long browsing session, Firefox, not being truly multithreaded in all its functions, will freeze until that script is written to disk. That's about every 2 or 3 minutes.

You can test this if you open your history and try to delete some 2 or 3 thousand entries. The whole browser will freeze until the entries will be remove, i.e. not truly multithreaded.

This means Flash has no fault here.

I too prefer Flash over HTML5 as to me is more mature and stable, and drivers also have support for it, quality wise it trumps HTML5.

nascent Scriptwright

I'm unsure why the html player wouldn't freeze with the sessionstore caching.

Anyway, I found This script:

Which pauses HTML5 and buffers videos perfectly. So I've rejoined the html5 beta, and no longer have freezing videos.

I hope one day Mindeye catches up. But until then I'm more than happy with this new script.