Simple Ikariam Town Resources Board

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Valkazaar Scriptwright


I tried your script.
It is very usefull but some funtionnalities could be great to add.

I know it is easy to say and harder to develop.

I thought to this :

- Use a different cookie for different servers (the goal is to have only the cities of the current account in place of having all the ressources of all cities of all accounts.)

- As said in the review, it should be great to have the consumption/production in the table (to know when we will be full or empty)

- It also could be great to have a coloration to know if we are dangerously down or high in the use of stocks.

I think the first one can be easily changed, the 2 others...

but... Thank you for that, really !

Buzzy Scriptwright

- The cities are not sorted correctly.
- The totals line is not aligned correctly.
- The values are not updated dynamically, we have to reload the page.

- Please use "," to separate the number. Example: 1,000,000
- Can you use the dump icon instead of the deposit? The icon shows sulfur and glass. It describes better the tab saying that is about resources.
- Can you change the window title? Just put "Resources" or "Resources Overview".
- Can you add the animation for displaying the tab? Like the other ones.
- Can you make the window moveable?
- Can you do what Valkazaar is saying? Consumption/production (eg: +1200 or -200 for wine), a percentage bar and the time to be full/empty are very important. The color of the bar it's also good.

These little details will improve a lot your script.


SiCoTiC Script's Author

Some of that i can get/have done.

Done: Data storage location per server.
Done: Total lines aligned
Done: Dump icon :D
Done: Wine consumption modified by reduction buildings
Done: Title ... urm ... i mean ... fine, done.

In Progress: production values are read in and stored, and it already estimates current res based off production since last seen. Just working on a nice simple way to get it displayed, progress bars maybee at some point in the future but not atm.

Todo: Max storage capacity. and a way to display capacity/stored in a simple way.
Todo: Dynamic refresh of data... although it doesnt bother me i dont stare at 1 town all the time
Todo: Thousands separator

To think about: Moving boxes - literally have no idea atm, havent looked
To think about: Moving tab - as with above i havent looked, it was just a neat place to shove a button :D

This was just meant as a quick fix for my lack of info and thought i'd share. Im suffer no delusions, as soon as someone fixes up Empire Board etc it'll do way more than i expect this to ever do.

I'll upload something in the next few hrs i guess ;)

Tyler69 User

Does not calculate correctly for items that are over 1 million.. Had me worried for a sec.

Valkazaar Scriptwright

Hello again,

Perhaps could you add a comment line with the version so that we can know if we have the last version.

SiCoTiC Script's Author

So yeah, i posted an update... it is not compatible with the prev script data due to the storage update etc etc.
The script will remove the previous settings on run.

The millions of items i do not have so havent seen that behavior.

I'll add versioning i guess at a future juncture if its needed.

Everything seems to be done but the moving box and animated button....

##The bug with town sorting is not actually a bug, they are sorted by cityID which is essentially the order you founded them, the only diference i see is that ikariam move the capital to the top. This thing is too much of a hack job to start messing with such atm... maybe when i actually know what im doing :D
OK its not what i thought, i'll see about that :D

Appologies if anyone has issues with large resource amounts fitting on the screen maybee distorting the table, i tried with a few millions and it seemed ok, onece or twice snipped off the sulphur income.

Also, dynamic updates are working now, i made a math error that prety much meant the value would only change once an hour :D so it was between 1 and 59mins out with values

Buzzy Scriptwright

Thanks. Now it's better but you need to put a scrollbar in a window with a fixed size because the screen can be too small. Example:

With one more city the Totals line will be partially hidden.

The dump icon is too smal :(. A collage with some resources will be nice.

EDIT: I've done a nice icon. What do you think?

Tyler69 User

If resources are under 1 million it reads 107,000. If they are over 1 million it reads 1,107k.

SiCoTiC Script's Author

I assume thats a tooltip\res icon problem.
atm in the script 1000 = 1,000, 100000 = 100,000, 1000000 = 1,000,000 etc etc
Do the Ikariam town resources and tooltips show full values for you? or condensed values like 1,107k when you have that many resources?

I agree about the dump, i'll sort something out tomorrow.
I sized the table and positioned it so that on my 1680x1050 screen you can fit 12 towns without issue, i'll have a look at it however.

Another update incoming ... i somehow neglected to apply wine consumption back in when i moved some stuff earlier.

if anyone does happen to know a nicer place to pull the resource values from rather than tooltips let me know :D

Buzzy Scriptwright

I've just edited my answer with a possible icon.

SiCoTiC Script's Author

Icon added :D

Let me know if i fixed that issue, if not can you post me the actual values from your town view resource bar.


patbol1 User

Hi ! Thanks a lot for your script, very usefull. It works on firefox and greasmonkey but i'm using too Chrome + Tampermonkey. On the second one the values aren't keep in memory. Do you think you can try to fix it ?

Tyler69 User

Now it reads amount over 1 million but it rounds to the nearest thousand. I also have the same problem as I am in chrome using greasemonkey and it no longer saves the amounts. It just show the totals for the current city... Now I know why I dont do this type of thing.. Must be a pain.. Thanks .

Kastel User

Hi, thanks for your work, it´s very useful.

I only have a little problem: I don't know why but in the table one of my cities appears twice.

It's not a major problem, but I have tried disabling or eliminating the script and reinstalling again and the problem is still there.

Any idea to fix it?


SiCoTiC Script's Author

i looked briefly at tampermonkey and it implements GM_setValue and GM_getValue which saves/retrieves data so i dont off hand why it wont work, i might install chrome later to have a look

Fixed properly, i was really tired when i wrote the script initially, and even more so yesterday when fixing that so i kinda just threw something simple at it. Works fine now in 0.0.8.

:D what a funny issue, i did see the same behavior however, fixed in 0.0.8.

0.0.8 incoming shortly

SiCoTiC Script's Author

* V0.0.8
* -fixed Large resource numbers from prev lazy fix :D
* -fixed Double city display for selected city (rep Kastel)
* -fixed Issue getting wine red building if in construction.
* -Added loading of all own town names to list on load.
* -fixed sorting list by adding towns in ikariam order (from above) - may not work on chrome as objects dont retain order
* Does need a reset to sort them (see below)
* -Added Reset Button. To show it you need to click just above the townhall icon in the border around the table
* -fixed +/- on total rows with ' - '

Plus a special treat for Buzzy... animated menu box (it kinda gets in my way tbh)

neboruchi User

Thanks for the script. Like patbol1, I'm using Chrome/Tampermonkey and getting the same issue: only resources for the current town will be displayed in the table. Previous towns are forgotten with every town change. Would be great if you could take a look. Best regards.

Valkazaar Scriptwright


Good work SiCoTiC !
I still have some ideas (Always)...

- Perhaps could it be great to make a link with the city name to use it faster than choose it in the dropdown list ?
- It could be interesting to have the possibility to send ships directly from the table. So for example if you are in your wine city and you see that another city has no more wine, just a clic and you just have to choose the ressource amount to send (no more use the commercial port and select the city where you want to send. Do you see what I mean ? just as if you go on island view and clic boat icon.
- Perhaps add also the other icons of the island view for the cities ?

In other way, even if you are not able to do it, It is really a good job !

SiCoTiC Script's Author

Since i really miss the data presented in empire board, and nobody has come up with a viable alternative yet, i have been working a little on presenting that data as well.

I have quite a bit of stuff done but its far from ready to be seen/messed with :D

It will take a bit of time as im rewriting prety much the entire thing to be well... better i guess :D

I'll possibly throw up an early test tomorrow night.

patbol1 User

We are all waiting for this ^^ Take your time. Ty

Sathington W... Scriptwright

many thanks SiCoTiC. without IEB this game is no longer fun, with your script it is at least maintainable and keeps me playing. keep up the good work. again, many thanks.

patbol1 User

About improvements (in french, don't know for other languages) : in buiding overview the name are cuts.

Maybe with little icons or reducing the police size for exemple.


Another idea for the building overview :

On the cities names' right there is an empty column. Maybe you could place a tiny icon that remember the production of the town.

SiCoTiC Script's Author

They are for everyone, i dont want the building list to be too large, im trying be be as small as possible without being ... well ... tiny :D
I was going to switch them for icons with a tooltip but havent had the time. Speaking of which...must change that tooltip, its horrible :D

I will add some options eventually for things like that, text size etc

patbol1 User

Yep i understand !

Take the time your tool is allready wonderfull.

I just let you some idea that come to me.

SiCoTiC Script's Author

Since i got all of the crippling bugs (that i know of) out of the way i took a few mins to add that in.

Buildings not wave icons with tooltips :D