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Family Battles Suggestion..

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stbs User

Hi David,

Would it be possible for you to give us an option with attacking fortress as to how many clicks before stopping. I know several families have limits set on the score of what we can click on the safe house in order to allow other family members to participate.

It would be a huge help if we could have bf click the only the number of times needed. Or if it's better a score number. My family for instance has a limit of 100,000 per family member. (I believe safehouse limit is 500,000 to take it down). However, with the new battle requirements in place, in order to even get any loot, members must now click on the join button whether they participate or not in order to get the loot.

Thank you for considering it..

dakam Script's Author

Sorry for the time on response,
I've not tested the family battle module so often so i don't know if it even works as expected, i can't add more thing on it until i'm sure it's 100% working.

Have you tested this and is working fine?

stbs User

I have tested the battle module by checking the join a battle and have it click on fortress, but it tends to get a bit sticky and I've never seen it try to ice anyone in a battle as yet, but it did work for a bit before it seemed to freeze. I had to uncheck the lines restart fighting, then recheck the lines to get it to restart attacking fortress again. I know it's new, so it's not totally tested as yet, but thought I'd add these suggestions above because they have recently made changes to family battles.