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By Mortimer Last update Apr 3, 2008 — Installed 8,517 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Gousgounis Scriptwright

Does not work on new ebay layout.

(e.x. £6.95 not 6.95 GBR)

mekaeel User

I like this script a lot!

however, for some reason the dialog for setting the currency randomly pops up every now and then which is really annoying!

I see it poping up at least for one out of every five websites :(

any idea how to solve this?

other than that the script works just fine, I can see the currency converted correctly and everything.

Mortimer Script's Author

rfsimoes, yes, it's quite slow. It was my first GM script ever, so I might not have done it in the best way possible.

I just don't have time yet to update it to better code.

rfsimoes User

It is a bit slow.
Can't be done a cache? A day time out or similar?

johndrinkwater User

Hi, just wanted to point out this line should be removed,
"\u20A0":"EUR", //EURO
₠ (20A0) is not synonymous with the Euro.

Loving the script though, thanks!

Yosaif User


Mortimer Script's Author

akidiot, is that really annoying? I mean, the script is maid to give you an idea of the price in a currency you are more used too, not give you the real price (after all, if you buy it, it will be up to your bank to decide how to round up, and we know what they'll do ;).

But if there is enough demand, I'll be happy to spend some time doing that feature (well, I have to admit, I kind of haven't looked at the script for a good year ;).

emattias Scriptwright

Would it be possible to make the script not display decimals.

Here in sweden(Currency SEK) the smallest coin we have is 0.50 SEK so would it be possible for it to round to 0.50? So 202.66 = 202.50 or 203

Love the script by the way. Very tidy code! =)

Mortimer Script's Author

Ok, I corrected the problem with amazon Japan that was using a different symbol for the Yen. My tests on the site seems to work, but as I do not know any Japanese, it is difficult to check, tell me if you find any other problem.

Claudia Enk ... User

Loved the script. It converts current from various pages and from various currencies to your local one. I couldnt make it convert the prices of (althought it convert yens from other pages).