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shauntwoaus1 User

The last 2 versions Apr 20, 2012 07:39 and Apr 24, 2012 11:31 are causing undefined undefined error. How do we fix this please? Apr 11, 2012 13:55 stills works ok

firepol Script's Author

can you please specify what browser and operating system are you using? Obviously I tested it on my browser (firefox/windows 7)and for me it works...

firepol Script's Author

I also tested it right now on Chrome + Tampermonkey (always on Windows 7)... and for me it works.

Morten79 User

I've tried too install your script which I have used before but now all I get is a huge list of undefined errors like shauntwoaus1. Please try too fix this great script.

firepol Script's Author

Hi Morten79, I just reinstalled the script and to me (Firefox 13, Mac, using Scriptish instead of Greasemonkey) it works. Eventually can you try to uninstall and re-install it or install one of the older versions you can find under "source code", or direct link to the older versions here: in case one of the older versions works, please let me know which one and I'll compare. Cheers