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Timer in Title?

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marcmagus User

Since the update to 12.1, it seems the option to show the timer in the title bar has been removed.

I actually found that to be one of the most useful features of the script, and I really miss it. Did the change to fix timer restarts make this feature impractical? I'd love to have it back.

DSXC Script's Author

Hi marcmagus,

I assumed that it wasn't working (I play on the FB site) so I removed it. It seems that it actually works on the site. I'll reimplement it now... expect a release in about 30 mins.


133SDV User

I just installed your script and the timer is not working, which makes the horn not appear.

DSXC Script's Author

There seems to be some issue currently with FF12 and MHH... not sure what is causing it but it works fine in Google Chrome. I've just done an update and hoping that this will fix everyone's issue (it works fine for me on both FF12 and GC).