MySpace - Private Pictures Dead End

By InsaneNinja Last update Dec 12, 2007 — Installed 11,474 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Madison User

how does this actually works ?? I doesn't do anything on a private profile ? sorry

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

lol jo gomez is totally trying to stalk some chick he likes.

"code or script to unlock private myspace pages"

bud, server-side hacking is different from client side hacking. bottom line is, "hacking" with greasemonkey is impossible to extremely vaguely possible, if there is some major security flaw, which I don't think there is in myspace.

like, some of my scripts exploit client-side variables in games before they're sent to servers. doing it the other way around requires something else.

jo gomez User

insaneninja i am very new to this. I'm looking for a code or script to unlock private myspace pages. would you know of any?

InsaneNinja Script's Author

doesnt quite work right now.. they changed the template yet again

Parag0n User

Ignore the idiots, nice job Ninja. Another great script.

InsaneNinja Script's Author

added screenshots to give you a heads up on what this script does

Stormi User

i really don't understand,
lol am i supposed to download something?

Journie User

This does not work. I do not even see pics/videos.

How does this even work?

InsaneNinja Script's Author

go to any private profile, click to view their photos, the page has no links back to the profile

but some scripts such as "add image links" create links under people's photos, (in friend and comment areas) where you can go directly to their comments/friends/photos/etc

the whole point of this is if you go straight to their photos page, THIS script allows you to have a link back to their actual profile.. its a benefit to the minority of people who realize they need it

Robert Barrera User

wat duz this do ?