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Jesse Andrews Admin

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knetworx Scriptwright

I didn't read through all the comments, and I've never actually looked through the code for this script, but I'm guessing things with a backslash in them don't work because somewhere along the line it's trying to interpret the backslash as an escape character. (i.e. '\t' is a tab, '\n' is a newline, '\r' is a return, '\b' is a backspace, etc. etc. etc.) Like I said, I haven't looked at the code to see what it does, but that's one possibility.

l3utterfish User

i have the label with the colors, but only text show up.. no colour

madcadder User

Issues when preparing for Folders4Gmail install.
I renamed the Label "Google Calendar" to "Google\Calendar".
Updated Randy Harmelink's hard coding tweak to read the same:

case "Google\Calendar": return {name: rawLabelName, color: "#C3D9FF"}; break;

and nadda... The other labels still work, but nothing with a "\" works.

sjb User

Agree with Rohn regarding the need for a text color to be specified within the label color.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Also, for everyone here, check out this link to a complete HTML hex color code chart:

Note: You must use two "##" characters to get hex to work.

Example: ##FFCC00


monkeyhouse User

It would appear that if the '<' and/or '>' symbol is in the label name it wont display properly. Looking instead like a blob of the desired colour, just one character long.
My label name would be;
<mylabel> #lightblue</mylabel>

Rohn User

Cool tool.

Is there a way to specify text color?

Using bright colors makes the default white text unreadable.

ie if I use name "test #lime" all I see is a lime.

Hint: add a short primer on Gmail Label management somewhere to the writeup about this tool. Took me a while and a certain amount of frustration to figure how to do things ie:

Gmail Labels can be managed by clicking on the "Edit" option at the bottom of the "Labels" box that is displayed on the left hand side of the Gmail window. This is where you can rename and delete existing labels.


hebbet Scriptwright

Hugo Barauna User

Unfortunatly I either uninstaled color labels. Now I tried to reinstall color label and I am getting an error, and I can´t install it anymore. My greasemonkey version is 0.6.9. I use windows XP.The error message is "component returned failuer code 0x80520008 NS_ERROR_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS".

Please, help me, I can´t live anymore without color labels, I am really sad!

Steve Skinner User

Yah mon. Removing a label from a message is no problem... Try reinstalling the script mon.

Chouette User

Can you guys remove labels on email list you'v got??

I can't do that..when I try to remove label again, it just says..
The label "<!-- 86a562a7e002e486-112650d9ffb NES -->[Miscellauneous]<!-- 86a562a7e002e486-112650d9ffbNEE -->" has been removed from the conversation.

"[Miscellauneous]" is one of my labels. and i changed it to "[Miscellauneous] #blue"

Is there anything you guys can help me out??

drd User

if gmail updates the inbox by itself, the colored labels are disappearing.

im not sure if its only the case if no new messages are arriving and so no data is transfered.

sqladmin User

some other gmail themes out there
may interfere with the labels.

it might be best to disable/enable
various gmail Greasemonkey scripts
to see what might be doing this.

you can do this by going to:

Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts.

namit Scriptwright

I can not get this to work whats with this?

sqladmin User


you can use 'light' colors.

mylabel #lightgrey
mylabel #lightblue


sqladmin User

one more point...

when make a label name, don't use the quotes.
for example, just type in the following:

mylabel #grey (my fav)
mylabel #red
mylabel #white
mylabel #blue
mylabel #green
mylabel #brown
mylabel #pink
mylabel #yellow
mylabel #orange

i think you get the idea.

sqladmin User

Instructions from Mihai Parparita:

To specify a color, simply rename a label to "Labelname #color" (e.g. to make the label "Foo" be red, use "Foo #red" and to make the label "Bar" be orange-ish, use "Bar ##d52"). It works in a similar way to the conversation bubble script, in that it overrides the JavaScript function through which Gmail receives data. It has to jump through some hoops to avoid the HTML escaping that Gmail does; intrepid Greasemonkey hackers may want to look at the source.

easyrhino User

You can easily label emails specific to your "Inbox".

Simply create a filter which labels messages as "GMail #blue" when the to: address is ""

I use to this differentiate from the other four email addresses I now have forwarding to GMail, and it is awesome.

Mug Nebot Scriptwright

follow up: i tried randy's hack to this, replacing one of his labels with "Inbox", but it didn't work. however, it did work with another label. weird. (maybe its because inbox is a system label, and gmail doesn't let you edit system labels.)

Mug Nebot Scriptwright

i agree with harsh shah... i'd also like a inbox color

Steve Skinner User

I can't get this script to work with Gmail. I'm using Firefox 2 with Greasemonkey Anyone else having problems using this script?

theaulddubliner Scriptwright

can you remove the label if you open the message ?

i have never been able to remove a label from the list view - inbox, sent, etc

Kyle Wilson 2 User

See below... am using Firefox, WinXP

Kyle Wilson 1 User

Weird... I'm no longer able to remove a label from a message once it's been "colored." Am I missing something?

theaulddubliner Scriptwright

Have Google changed something in Gmail today ? Been using this script for ages with no probs but today it's crashing on me