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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

chengiz Scriptwright

Ok I found the problem. FF 3 doesnt like eval as part of the GM_registerMenuCommand callback. Thinks it's part of unsafeWindow. Rewrite the gen_cb function to not use eval():

 gen_cb = function(key) {
    return function() {
      var val = GM_getValue(key + 's');
      if (!val)
        val = '';
      val = window.prompt('Edit blocked ' + key + ' list:', val);
      if (val != null)
        GM_setValue(key + 's', val);

chengiz Scriptwright

With Firefox 3, I can no longer see the current list of blocked sites etc from the greasemonkey statusbar icon's menu (the fields are blank). I have to edit them in about:config prefs.

burger Scriptwright

This script seems dead. I've made a continuation of it:

It lets you set your filter lists through the regular reddit preference sheet as well as some other small improvements.

engtech Scriptwright

I stupidly wrote a script that does almost the same thing but only for sites. Have to remember to start searching userscripts first.

ScottWhigham Scriptwright

Yes, I'm getting the " Content Filter: Couldn't find siteTable" error as well.

Also, if we could downmod these stories instead of hiding them using javascript, our reddit experience might be better - then we wouldn't have to re-hide those same links on revisiting the front page.

chengiz Scriptwright

I couldnt get the blocked sites to work. Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; SunOS sun4u; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060602 Firefox/
Here is the output: Content Filter: Version 0.4 started. config = ({users:[], titles:["ron paul", "kucinich"], sites:["", ""]}) Content Filter: title match: /ron paul/i Content Filter: Removed 1 stories Content Filter: Version 0.4 started. config = ({users:[], titles:["ron paul", "kucinich"], sites:["", ""]}) Content Filter: Couldn't find siteTable Content Filter: Removed 0 stories

I dont know why it runs twice. Users and titles get processed in the first run afaict.

Bob Ovski User

Thanks for the quick update!

James Mulhol... Scriptwright

Thx for the update! Couldn't work out why there was so much crap on reddit this morning.

David Newcum Scriptwright

That was fast, thanks much!

pabs Script's Author

Hi everyone. I just posted a new version that works with the changes to Reddit from earlier today.

parasense User

I nice option would be to automatically down-vote items that match any of the regex. For me, who has configured reddit to hide down-votes, would create less work for this script each subsequent refresh.

bobielawlintine Scriptwright

great script. makes reddit great again.

one suggestion: will you add support to filter by subreddit? now adds [subreddit] to every result shown even if you don't visit

thanks again for writing this great script. <3>

David Newcum Scriptwright

Seems to work well. Thanks for the update! (now I can go back to pretending Ron Paul isn't taking over teh intarwebs)

pabs Script's Author

Hey everyone. I just posted a new version that works with the updated site. Let me know if you have any problems. Also, thanks for all the support!

gypsyjoe User

Doesn't work after reddit's mid-October shakedown.

sqladmin User

how exactly does this work?

ScottWhigham Scriptwright

pabs - love the script but I would request that you add a little more instruction to the top part of this page. I had a heck of a time getting started and I have to think lots of folks are having the same trouble.

I want the other peoples of teh internet to enjoy teh goodness of RCF too :)

pabs Script's Author

There is no limit that I'm aware of. Could it be the spelling of the articles? You can use regular expression syntax in the terms too; the phrase "rumsf[ie]+ld" will block "rumsfeld", "rumsfield", and "rumsfeild".

ScottWhigham Scriptwright

Thanks - very nice. One more question - do you know if fireFox (or RCF) limits the size of the filters? I have a long filter list and I still am seeing "Rumsfeld" stories despite "rumsfeld" being at the end of my list.

Thanks again - this is just so great that you shared :)

pabs Script's Author

The easiest way is probably to just snag the cookie values from about:config (you can limit the about:config results to the relevant keys by filtering on "reddit content filter")

ScottWhigham Scriptwright

How can I back up my title/user/site lists?

Thanks for this tool - it has made my reddit life so much better!!!!!!