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Precharge merchants

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DeepButi User

Is there any way to precharge merchants with a specified amount of materials? I know you can save the needed resourcs to build something and then use it to preharge the merchants, but what if you want to send a fixed amount (for example to an static deff) ?

There must be some parameter for it (similar to the parameter for each troop type) but cannot find it.

If not available on the WONDERFULL script, at least an idea of the name of the parameter would be appreciated, that way I could save it on the links window.

Serj_LV Script's Author

On the market there is an option (M) which allows you to remember any amount of materials. In the barracks, stables, and so when you type the desired amount of training troops, a small window appears with the calculation of time and materials (M)(M+). Although the window appears only near the current position, but the calculation is already typed in all positions. Totally.

DeepButi User

Yes I know that. I use it on a daily basis and it works perfectly well. BUt this is not what I am asking for.

Let's put it simple ... I have some url on the Links window similar to this one:

where 111111 is the number of a city where I have static troops defending someone of my team.
Each day I send him say 10000 units to feed my troops. With the link I get the page prepared to send to the desired city ... but I have to remember and type how much I want to send.

Of course, I don't have ONE link like that, I have six or seven, each one to a diferent city and each one needs diferent qty.

I'm sure that a parameter exists to fill up the qty ... something similar to ...

where m1 means wood, m2 clay, m3 iron and m4 crop.

But obviously m1, m2, m3 and m4 are wrong ... I have tried lots of combinations withous success.

***** Which is the parameter that fills up the qty for every kind of material? ******

Similar to what is done with troops:
where t1 are falanx, ... t8 catapults .... and c=3 atack


Serj_LV Script's Author

I've added support.
http: //
r1 - wood
r2 - clay...

DeepButi User

Thanks a lot!!! I've been searching this for months :):)