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Red Params

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Elena Chan User

Does it mean i'm doing something wrong if the Params show up as red?

I'm using it on Meerca Chase II.

w35l3y Script's Author

It is recommended that you resubmit your settings before submitting your score.
An example would be welcome :)

xenolark User

I don't understand why sometimes I get red parameters and sometimes I get green.

I just got (red) Params 1|0|32|||
when it's green it doesn't have the 1 at the beginning
what does this mean? I'm using the default code so I odn't know why it's doing this.

w35l3y Script's Author

The parameters are:

What game you were playing?
Does it keep happening?
I would like to know more details, just pm me

xcupcakexx User

I also had this happen to me a few times, it disappears again if I hit "random" a few times and submit again. Maybe the script gets a bit of a "hiccups" with the cache or something when the mod score changes, not sure. But it happens very rarely.

w35l3y Script's Author

If Params doesn't match the pattern "0|0|x|||", then it shows up as red for our safety.