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danielley User

First off, I've been using this script for awhile! Got about 20 game avatars on my main account, no problem. Just be smart about it.

On the other hand, I'm kinda concerned about using it for Escape from Meridell Castle and Grand Theft Ummagine. I've asked around the boards, and it takes like 4 hours to do GTU, yet the time set in the script is like 20 minutes. Seems a bit off. Also, is it okay to change it to do it so long? I feel like it would alert something during the 4 hours :p

Also, isn't trophy/HST range also review range? For that reason, I haven't used it for EFMC (and I feel they're more on the lookout for SSers during reset) Any help would be appreciated (x

Also, if trophy score ISN'T review score for any games you know, please let me know (and possibly conjure up a script for them to insert in here) because I desperately need some trophies :p Thank you!

w35l3y Script's Author

No way. I followed a tutorial and took it in less than 30min.

Not necessarily HST range is review range.
And I did the best part, now it is your turn. :P

xcupcakexx User

HST is *normally* review range, though I found out it normally isn't during better than you, at least the lower HST range. (probably would be too much of a hassle for tnt to check all of it?).

I can't help you with grand theft ummagine, but I used it on escape for merridell castle for the avatar (no trophy though). some people said they also used the script to slowly increase their trophy cabinet and it was safe as long as you don't go overboard, I haven't tried it so far except for better than you. but I'll definitely try for trophies in the future, too! will update if I get iced or something, but I doubt it :D

danielley User

Lol! Well, I ended up using it for both of them. Seeing as you don't have to get a trophy for EFMC, I just got like 48th place and hoped I didn't get bumped off. Worked perfectly. And I set it for like 35 minutes for GTU, also good ~!

Haha, I was just hoping I could get some review scores! I'm super paranoid since this is my uber built up main account, so I'm not sure I just wanna go willy-nilly hoping that Trophy /=/ Review. x___X

And please do update if you get a trophy but no review! I'd LOVE to build my cabinet up!

xcupcakexx User

I actually got both recently... a gold trophy for grand theft ummagine (max score) with no review (suprised me even!) and a bronze trophy for another game, with the score reviewed and passed. all on my main =). Used w35l3y's time for GTU because i didn't want to wait so long (felt bold :P) and it wasn't even reviewed. funny.
I also had my score reviewed for extreme potato counter once (HST, no trophy, around 40th place).
edit: sorry, misread your post I think. if you want trophies/HST scores, you WIlL get your score reviewed in most cases. there is no way around it. But if you use the script carefully and like, don't go for 10 trophies a day or something, it shouldn't be a problem.