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andwan0 Scriptwright

The current private message inbox is rubbish. Sometimes am trying to look for a really old message and I need to manually scroll down, wait for the "more" older message headers to load, repeat, etc. Sometimes I accidentally click on a message and it "opens" it. I click "back page" or "close message" and my message inbox is back to square one (showing recent messages) and have to manually scroll down, wait for "older message headers to load", etc. and repeat.

A GreeseMonkey script to just get ALL message headers and opening messages into a NEW TAB would be nice. (currently trying to open message in NEW TAB, will actually invalidate the inbox view (see what I mean oO).


Another idea... regards having loads of messages and trying to remember whether you haven't replied to a friend. (so that you don't send them a totally different topic without politely replying to their last message questions). "read / unread" flags don't work since could've read it but overlooked it and forgot about it.

OED first User

If only there was a mature protocol for receiving and managing text messages.

have you considered using the technology required to signup for FB?