A script to sort youtube comments by thumbs (for research)

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We are a group of university students and we are undergoing a study of the online behavior of people and how they discuss and leave comments on the internet.
We would greatly appreciate if anyone who is good with javascript could make such a script, since we searched for it and have found only incomplete or non-functioning ones.

Also, the scripts for comments on Youtube that are currently available have to do with hiding comments (on or off), comment threading and sorting them after time/date etc.
We found a single script that could have been good, but it doesn't work (as the author informs):

The script can be anything that helps us to see what are the highest rating comments (and perhaps the lowest), since there are usually more than what Youtube displays in the Top Comments section. Or just anything that helps us organize the comments by the amount of thumbs. Whatever can be done is highly welcomed.

The results of our study will subsequently be posted on social media sites, science publications/journals and will be available on several other popular places...

We are willing to bet that numerous other people would like to benefit from this script, and it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.