Travian Task Queue for Travian 4

By Serj_LV Last update Apr 10, 2013 — Installed 84,159 times.

Some functions stop working after 27.03.2012

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Davit User

Dear Serj,

After last changes of T4 at (approximately) 27.03.2012 some of the functions stop working. There is no possibility to task attacks anymore. I guess it's related with new tabs on the window that they have added in new version of T4.

I would be real appropriated if you fix it.

P.S. If you don't I would be appropriated anyway because had comfortable game-play for a long time

Glebtor User

Изменился формат ссылки в пс, и отправка войск более не работает, что очень печально.

pimper User

Hello! Is there any chance this script will get fixed for new version of T4? Its a great script, but i cant schedule attacks anymore:S

Serj_LV Script's Author

I know that has changed the game interface. Updates will be done in the next few days.

pimper User

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

TvT User

Спасибо за скрипт и его поддержку.
На хроме не работает очередь сноса зданий и отправка разведки.

Thanks for the script and its support.
On the chrome does not work all the demolition of buildings and sending intelligence

costin User

Good day.
It can do anything to attack or send resources later?

Thanks author for the support provided to date.

Serj_LV Script's Author

Спасибо за баг-репорты.

Thank you for bug reports.