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update of Google Book Downloader 0.7

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cotta User

Hi all!

Is there any chance to update the Google Book Downloader 0.7 (not Google Books Downloader)? I know Google Books Downloader would substitute the old GBDownloader, but I'm not really satisfied with that. It downloads the same pages and parts of the book, and if a new page appears after some time, I have to download the whole book again only for that page. I want to keep the book in one pdf as in the 0.7, and not in 10 or more. On the other hand it does not search for hidden pages. I think the way of downloading of the old GBD 0.7 was better. Unfortunately I still cannot get page list and just searching on it with the message: "Reason: unexpected token when deserializing object: StartObject". I'm afraid that the developer is not motivated to carry on developing, because I always got a new update bubble on GBD 0.7, and it directs to the Google Books Downloader. Does anybody have a new idea how to make the GBD 0.7 worked in getting page list? Fortunately old .bin files (from open file) are still working and they get fattened week by week. But the getting of the page list of the new books is still problematical...

Thanks all your help,