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Can it work in Opera 11?

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Atom222 User

If yes, how? Thank you.

dkitty Scriptwright

I've just made a compatibility fix in W.A.R. Links Checker - Dev. Give it a shot.

There are still some issues with it.
1. Greasemonkey emulation makes it slower than in FF or Chrome.
2. For some reason Opera doesn't carry user settings across different domains. Meaning that you have to set up (CTRL+ALT+C) the script on each new site you visit (rlslog.net, rlsbb.com,...).
3. rapidshare.com doesn't work
4. hellshare.com doesn't work unless you set EN language on their web
5. redirectors (safelinking, linksave.in) don't work

Eventually we'll deal with the issues, but everything needs its time.