Colours don't match

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Poetka88 User

Hi, it seems that after last updates the script shows wrong colours of nicks on the "My favourite opponents list".


The nicks in green mean: You can attack this player and he can attack you.
But that's wrong, because I don't reach any of them - I have 2,272,907,649 points and I reach people from 1,818,326,119

Same error occurs in Bumrise.

We1hnachtsmann Script's Author

I added the highscore rule to the script, but I made an error: Normally you can attack the players 5 positions above and 2 position below you, no matter how many points they or you have.

The error I made is that I thought you can attack players 5 positions above and 5 below you. I will fix this with the next update.

Sorry for that ...

Medulla User

Geht das nur mir so, oder hat das noch jemand?
In Köln funktioniert bei mir die Farbanzeige der Fights nicht mehr. Hab dort alles nur rot, obwohl
etliche angreifbare Spieler dabei sind. In HH,B,Sylt und HHR ist alles okay.