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this Script great but beware of Script #70384

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Shmedly User

I installed script #70384 thinking it was script #89653 and it took a day to remove malware. Can someone please look at and confirm that the code is a problem; since i am a newbee and can't figure out what the offensive code is. To be clear i have had great results with #89653 and i believed that i was totally hosed with this other script #70384 address below. Thanks for a great community of brilliant people.

Aspi Script's Author

#70384 does not look like malware, it just looks like a simple, yet possibly working implementation of what I have developed in my script, the #89653. So your acquisition of malware after installing the Greasemonkey script #70384 is very strange, and most probably a coincidence in my honest opinion.

It might be worth it to perform a thorough scan of your computer, eg. using Microsoft Security Scanner and/or Spybot - Search & Destroy.

Otherwise, I have no advices for you; though, my hopes resides in that you continue to use my script, and with that, you have my personal assurance that it is 100% malware free ;)