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leopolly Scriptwright

not working anymore =(
now, the images appear over the video, turning out the video lights too.

Cleanlyness Scriptwright

Could you update this to have the official "Lights Off" button from on top of the video as seen here (, but put it below the video (

edit: I tried and I failed to make it. Here's what I collected.

The body style is "background-image: url(; "

The button fits snugly inline below the flash video with a background color of #eaeaea, size 20(w)x18(h), and a pixel "btn-edge" ( on the left and right side to form a 22(w)x18(h) "rounded" rectangle.

The default icon should be the "lights on" one ( and the "lights off" icon ( will be the rollover.

And finally, the tooltip is the "tooltip reverse" ( but flipped vertically. Arial, 11pt font


naoki User

Oh and also could you please make the script look more like this? - . and your "light's out" featurwe doesn't seem to be completely black instead dark grey.

Anmar Mansur Script's Author

I can't think of a simple way to hide the other videos but I'll keep looking. I'll fix the icons some time soon, promise! Thanks for the feedback and the kind words :)

naoki User

Not big issues but when you click on the light bulb some videos on channels that don't have autoplay still show up in channel videos, can you make it that it only shows the videos being played and everything else lights out?
e.g - and scroll down

also maybe a transparent light bulb icon background so it mixes with the the channels theme background?

besides that keep up the good work!

carteelith User


Anmar Mansur Script's Author

You're right; YouTube seem to have updated their page layout without telling me! It's fixed now. Thanks.

naoki User

there seems to be a problem with channel videos, the lights does'nt fully turn off on some text boxes and images.

dkhal Scriptwright

thanks i appreciate it
i'm Arab too, Lebanese actually

Anmar Mansur Script's Author

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am Arab, for the most part. Here's how you do the dark background: <h3>Description</h3>

dkhal Scriptwright

thanks for an awesome script
just one quest plz
in the description how do you add
"Description:" with a background grey as title
i would really appreciate your help thanks
and btw are you an arab? i am too.

Anmar Mansur Script's Author

Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, there sure is a way and it's implemented in the latest script version. No more darkness!

oldarney Scriptwright

no prob, and good luck.

naoki User

Add a button inside the youtube player if you know how to embed the youtube player?and also watch out because sometimes when you watch a video it has annotiations and it could rewrite over your button so make sure when that happens it movies 1 step to the left

specialed User

very nice!

Anmar Mansur Script's Author

I added the menu commands. Thanks for a great suggestion. To be completely honest, I didn't even know you could do that :D

The new version is up.

oldarney Scriptwright

anmar why not put that in a greasemonkey option menu

Paladinchef User

possible to change the lightbuld color so its a little easier to see?

Al Fance User

Very nice.

xanderificus User

Pretty small suggestion but what about leaving a small window to keep the FullScreen button visible?

I'd also second the option for working with YT vids embedded in other sites' pages.

krisu Scriptwright

I mean feature. And it works! Thank you for help :)

Anmar Mansur Script's Author

I'm not sure if I fully understand what you're saying, so bear with me as I make a few assumptions. If you're requesting a feature, then changing code line 48 from imgLightsOut.src = mediumImg; to imgLightsOut.src = outImg; should do it for you. But, if you're reporting a problem, then please try disabling any other scripts that run on YouTube. If the problem is gone, try re-enabling them one by one to find out which other script is conflicting with this one. Let me know what you find out.

krisu Scriptwright

How I can change that when I only one time click button, it's going to maximum darkness and click second time, it's go normal? I can't solve that into code...

oldarney Scriptwright

thanks man found it.