The Groovin' Greasy Scrobbler

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Script Summary: For Grooveshark: Option to hide ads, scrobbling & loving on

Version: 0.9.8

License: FreeBSD License (see source code). Portions dual-licensed under the MIT (Expat) License and GPLv2.

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Note: This scrobbler does not work with the latest version of Grooveshark (from Nov. 2011). I have not updated the script because Grooveshark now provides built-in free scrobbling to all users: To enable, go to Settings -> Connect your accounts, and enable Grooveshark's scrobbler.

If you use either Bandcamp or SoundCloud and want to scrobble your listens, there's links to those near the bottom right-hand side of this page. I still maintain those scripts and create fixes when people let me know there's an issue.


I accidentally deleted the old page, so here it is again. Fresh start, I guess.

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