Devtoolbar 2

By Dediggefedde Last update Jun 10, 2013 — Installed 1,004 times.

Script Summary: Deviantart

Version: 2.4


Shows you on other sites how many Notices, Deviations etc. you got in your current logged on Deviantart-Account.

--> Reloads a specified Time, 10s per default
--> Highlights changed Values untill next site-reload
--> Gives you some direct-links to your my.deviantart-section
--> One changable link, default
--> Show/Hide via Alt+N
--> Auto-Center at the Bottom of the Page
--> Auto-Size to its content
-->Coinfiguration-MenĂ¼ for text-color, reload-intervall

[it may go well in other Browsers but it was optimized for Firefox]


Does not auto-reload on about:blank.

On Bugs etc., please send me a Note or use for comment.

Something of Progress:
Made within 2 Days using Notepad++ & Firefox 4 Beta 12
Updated Version of