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Script Summary: Adds links to download or convert videos with Zamzar.com, and provides code to embed your videos in other sites. Now even works when Flash is disabled!

Version: 2.2.6

Alert: Script will no longer be maintained

Well the day has come where I've finally decided that I no longer want a Facebook account. I've been using the site since 2006 and have wrote numerous scripts for it so it was a hard decision, but I think it will be for the better since I barely use the site at the moment. I hereby release this script into the public domain so anyone can take it and do what they want with the code. Feel free to use the forum to post fixes for the script. If they are small changes I'll update the script here so that people can continue using this script as long as possible.


This userscript is for the Facebook Video application, which allows users to share personal videos with their friends. Facebook has stated in its Video FAQ that "Users will not be able to export or download videos from Facebook." This is the first userscript to support downloading Facebook Videos and it adds features that Facebook refuses to implement.

Since December 5, 2008 Facebook has placed "Embed this Video" links on video pages of videos you uploaded. To prevent confusion I placed that link on all video pages and under videos on walls. Clicking it shows the embed code like before. The benefit of using my script is that you can easily customize the resolution. Plus the video doesn't have to be yours in order to get the embed code.

Firefox Addon

The popular Greasemonkey Facebook video script is now a full-fledged Firefox addon that lets users download or convert Facebook videos, and embed videos outside of Facebook.

Install as a User script

You need the Firefox web browser - Download and install
You need to install Greasemonkey - How-To
Install this script - How-To

How to Use

To use on a video page look under the video info beneath the video and to the right. You are give the option to download the .flv file which is only supported by a limited number of players. The other option you are given is to use Zamzar.com to convert your video to a different format. Once you have select a format to convert the video to enter your email. After awhile you will receive an email from Zamzar with a link to download the converted video. If you want to share your video on other websites this script also provides that code, and if you want to change the size of how that video will appear you can use the "Customize Code" option. Using the script for videos on walls and in messages is similar. The same links and options instead appear beneath the videos.


  • Video Pages
    • Direct link to FLV file so you can download video to your computer
    • Link to convert video to a format of your choice with Zamzar.com before download
    • links appear under video info
    • Embed code so you can embed any videos in sites outside of Facebook
    • Public video link found at bottom of video page
  • Walls and Inbox
    • Download and convert links
    • Embed Code
    • links appear directly beneath videos on wall and in messages
  • A wizard that lets you customize the embed code. You don't have to edit both the height and width. My script honors the aspect ratio.


2009 March 29 - Overcame Facebook's recent attempt to cripple the embed portion of this script.
2009 February 2 - The High quality video option is now a checkbox.
2009 January 29 - Fixed style of popup to match change of Facebook.
2009 January 25 - Once again fixed the styling of video actions on wall videos.
2009 January 24 - Fixed the styling of the video actions on wall videos.
2009 January 18 - Added support for High Quality Video. Oh and a little style improvement on walls.
2009 January 3 - Made embed code available through "Embed this video" link like Facebook
2008 December 6 - Embed code error reported by user and I made a preventative fix
2008 December 4 - New Auto Update Script
2008 November 15 - Fixed a couple of errors.
2008 October 28 - Script now works on the clickable thumbnails on wall, feeds, and messages, plus various other fixes.
2008 October 12 - I had to fix the position of the customization wizard so it always shows up. More importantly, version 2.0.7 activates itself automatically so you don't have to mess around with the Ctrl + Alt hack anymore.
2008 September 4 - Video customization wizard has been repaired and Ctrl + Alt will activate the script on a page where links aren't showing up.
2008 May 20 - I wrote an auto update script
2008 March 26 - Minor change to improve resizing of videos
2008 March 23 - Debugged a bunch to get the embed wizard to work when there is more than one video on the page
2008 March 22 - An embed wizard is added so you can get a custom resolution.
2008 March 16 - The script now works on all videos posted to Facebook, which includes videos on walls and in messages.
************A lot of work done, and many changes made, but I didn't keep records***********
2007 June 11 - Script first released


If you wish to do a blog about my script and would like to know a little more about it you can contact me at medleymind@gmail.com because I'm an ego-maniac and love interviews. Here are some other blogs about this script (notice they're all out of date when it comes to features, hint hint nudge nudge lol)


Screenshots (out-of-date)

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